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  • Drafting of preliminary sales even complex ones with eventual legal assistance

  • Preliminary Registration of Sale with guarantee of correct fulfillment

  • Drafting of lease agreements.

  • Registration of lease agreements: first registration, extension, terminations, contract transfer, takeover, rent reduction;

  • Customer Control:

  1. real-time verification of the financial reliability of buyers and tenants, rapid verification, agile and safe mediation, protection of the parties in the deal. Service cancellation reports when the customer has the necessary conditions with the possibility of re-accessing the credit;

  • Electronic signature:

  1. sell and buy wherever you are

  2. The electronic signature is a method of computer identification that allows the signatories to be recognized univocally, guaranteeing the authenticity of the signatory and the integrity of the document.

  3. It has legal and evidential value. It allows you to sign assignments, proposals and preliminaries remotely.

  4. It has legal and evidential value

  • House control: cadastral surveys, floor plans updated to APE

  1. Verification of any problematic circumstances of the property

  2. ascertain the conformity of the property,

  3. verification of cadastral compliance,

  4. Release of the APE Energy Performance Certificate

  • Estimates for:

  1. Docfa and cadastral practices,

  2. Building practices and amnesties

  3. Cadastral volture

  4. Successions

  5. Evaluation appraisals

  6. Sworn and sworn appraisals

  7. Non evadable plan and correction / errors in plan and Visura

  8. Complete activity for urban regularization

  • Home management

  1. Photographic services, videotour, virtual tour

  2. Removals

  3. Restyling for sale

  4. Short-term leases due to temporary unavailability

  • Anti-Money Laundering Service:

  1. customer classification obligations in guaranteeing and protecting privacy and safeguarding customers

  • Privacy Service:

  1. legislation and obligations pursuant to European Regulation No. 679/2016 in the total guarantee and protection of customers.

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